Methane emissions have an outsized impact on climate, and are increasingly receiving attention from policymakers and the scientific community. We map methane plume emission rates measured by Carbon Mapper onto tract-level demographics from the U.S. Census Bureau to explore environmental justice issues associated with the methane emissions. Carbon Mapper collects methane emission data through their airborne pilot projects with advanced remote sensing technology. Census tract-level demographics are obtained from the 2008-2012 five-year moving average American Community Survey.

This project was developed through collaboration between Arizona Institute for Resilient Environments and Societies (AIRES) and University of Arizona Department of Economics utilizing methane plume emissions data collected by the Carbon Mapper project.


Konan Hara, PhD Student, Department of Economics

Wesley Howden, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Economics and AIRES

Leland Boeman, AIRES Software Developer

Benni Delgado, AIRES Student Software Developer

Dharma Hoy, AIRES Student Software Developer